Pillows & Cushions

Pillows and cushions

We make the sleep of more than a 100 000 people better every day.

For sleeping pillows and decorative cushions we use synthetic fillings such as polyester fibers and polyurethane foam.
The polyester fillings that we use are mainly made of 7D/32mm and 7D/64mm HCS (Hollow Conjugated Siliconized) fibers and are commonly processed into fiber balls. For those of customers who’d like our pillows to comply with BS: 5852 we use fire retardancy treated non-siliconized fibers, the so called slick fibers.

The best alternative to natural fillings is our microfiber filling which is less pricey, soft and comfortable.
We use various types of foam for our pillows. The anatomic shaped pillow is made with memory foam and we use PU foam chips for cushions as well as mixture of foam and fibers.

Our pillows and cushions can be also quilted and carefully finished with overlock, piping or double stitch.